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Re-affirm the culture of peace through dialogue

Indonesia had been chosen as the third YATRA (Youth in Asia Training for Religious Amity) venue, as it represents a multi-cultural and multi-religious context which is also sensitive to conflict. For about 14 days there were lectures, discussions, and exposure visits to some places to get to know more about the multi-religious reality in Indonesia, issues that need to be solved and need our action rather then talk and think only.

Journeying together as formative factor for my YATRA experiences

For this historic moment of YATRA 2016, the Youth in Asia Training for Religious Amity which was going to start on 28 May in Jakarta, I set off on my journey three days earlier, on May 25. Coming from a remote area in the western part of Myanmar, the journey to YATRA was a big challenge from the beginning.

Small yet beautiful

I grew up in a society where faith is above everything. My country (Pakistan) had even based its campaign for independence on religious ideology, and religion has great impact on the social, cultural, political and economic values. From my childhood I have had Christian friends from different Churches and many friends from other religions. On this journey I experienced ecumenism and learned from different perspectives.

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