Iris Speckmann

The Rev. Iris Speckmann represented the Dutch Mennonite Conference at the Mennonite World Conference's Assembly in July 2015 and at the World Council of Churches Assembly in November 2013. She has been blogging (in Dutch) about these experiences at

Born in 1978 in the Netherlands, Iris Speckmann was baptized among Mennonites at the age of 19, with the text of Psalm 119:59 (I thought on my ways, and turned my feet unto thy testimonies). She graduated from the Free University (VU) Amsterdam in 2005 and was ordained as a Mennonite minister. She is currently teaching, researching and preparing a PhD at the Mennonite Seminary of VU Amsterdam.

As a Dutch Mennonite, she is used to combine "head with heart", intelligence and intuition, piety and thinking with a clear mind.

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