Lucy Larbi

Lucy Larbi who was born in Kumasi, Ghana is a well travelled young lady. She was raised in Germany where she resided until she completed her A-levels. From there she moved to Paris to learn French and to understand the culture. Later she would leave for the Netherlands, as she wanted to discover the world of politics and diplomacy, thus completed a three year Bachelor at the University of Groningen.

Whilst in Madrid, Spain to study Spanish, Lucy found herself being accepted on a Masters course in Public Policy and Human Development at the United Nations University in Maastricht. She is also actively involved in establishing a community of learning for African PhD students, in the form of an e-learning platform that caters to the needs of students while completing their studies.

During an internship in Addis Ababa with the German Development Cooperation (an initiative of the German Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development) she worked on the development of the African Union's Pan African University, a network university in 5 geographical locations on the continent aiming to exemplify excellence in African higher education.

Currently, Lucy works with the Centre for Mission and Ecumenism of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Northern Germany.

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