Why celebrate International Women’s Day?

by Nicole Ashwood last modified 08 March 2019 11:52 AM
Why celebrate International Women’s Day?

Liturgical dance at consultation on churches' solidarity with women. Photo: Marcelo Schneider/WCC

08 March 2019

Many may ask ‘Why set aside a day for women? Isn’t that what Mothers’ Day is about?’  Or ‘Why not Men’s Day? Don’t men also deserve some recognition?’  To those questions I respond, we are a long way away from God’s desire for all humanity.

For, as long as there is unequal access to education for females; as long as there is a difference in opportunities for male and female simply because of biases based on sex; as long as sexual and gender based violence is perpetrated against even ONE female; as long as children are forced into adulthood as wives and concubines; as long as there is inequality in the workplace based on gender (pay, promotion and power balance); as long as Women’s rights continue to be overlooked and trampled; as long as even ONE female is left behind or silenced through systems of patriarchy... we violate God’s balance of creating male and female in God’s likeness. And that’s why we pause to reflect, and to be mobilized for change one woman at a time.

Today I laud all women who have struggled; endured; fallen prey to; been silenced or victimized; supported or had support denied; complied or managed to survive! May God’s Grace strength and favor be yours today and always. One day we pray... equality will be here to stay.

Blessings and strength on this International Women’s Day!


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